Retirement plan governance has become critically important in the current regulatory environment overseen by the Department of Labor. Here are some great tips and best practices that can help your company avoid expensive litigation.

Occupational fraud continues to siphon staggering amounts of money from businesses worldwide, with smaller organizations being hit particularly hard. With fraud professionals on staff, we can help with prevention, detection and investigation of fraud. Read More

Internal audit plays a key role in risk management. However, a truly effective solution requires collaboration with the other risk mitigation areas which include management control and control monitoring. Give us a call to discuss how we can implement an effective solution for you! Read more about internal audit here.

Do you really know you’re auditor? A new study by the AICPA has some interesting findings regarding the quality of single audits. Firms that perform 11 or more single audits had a much lower risk of audit failure. Other key factors were the years of experience for the engagement partner and firm membership in the Government Audit Quality Center. At PPC we’re proud to exceed these standards! Read more.

To rotate or not to rotate, that is the question! Auditor rotation is sometimes seen as a standard policy that every organization should have. However, this article describes why rotation may not always be the best policy and may actually impact the effectiveness of audits, specifically internal audits.

Proper reporting of functional expenses is critical to nonprofits as donors and watchdog groups scrutinize these numbers closely. Are you sure that the financial information you’re presenting is useful and transparent? We can help make sure that your numbers add up and tell your story in the best light! Read more about nonprofit reporting here.