Audit Administrative Assistant

Amber Measel

Amber has worked for a CPA firm since 2016, which helped pave the way for her audit skills. She has worked in an office environment for 19 years, with jobs spanning a wide range of responsibilities. Past roles have included PBX Operator at Gottschalks Corporate and Case Manager at American Arbitration Association. She has worked in administrative roles in a variety of business areas, making her a special asset at PPC.

Amber has three children, and she loves to spend time with them when she’s not at the office—especially when they are able to take day trips to the mountains or the coast.

PPC Trivia: If Amber could only eat one food for the rest of her life, it would be her homemade lasagna. She claims to make the best lasagna on the planet—and if she’s offering to bring lasagna to the office, she won’t find any objectors in sight!

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